Türkoğlu Yatçılık was established in 1984 by İbrahim Türkoğlu who has 56-years-experience and knowledge in yachting sector. The company’s first aim is to give our customers best quality service and we are proud of our boats since our establishment. The boats we have built in our own shipyards have been sailing in both Turkish seas as well as overseas.

We take pride in combining the technology advantages with many years experience. With our experienced staff we are capable of building all types, models and styles of wooden ,steel and fiberglass boats according to our customer’s wish and taste. As we give particular importance to quality , during building best quality materials are used and all materials are controlled by the specialists regularly. All the materials, equipments and accesories which are used has CE certificate. Our firm,which is one of the leading yachting firm in Turkey, has earn trust of its customers regarding the technical reliability of its boats.

In recent years, our firm has become worldwide preferred with the success of the fiberglas boats’ quality in addition to wooden boat building. The standart fiberglas boats are betwwen 7 and 15 meters. We build custom wooden, custom steel and custom fiberglass boats for over 15 meters. All the boats we build has both CE and CLASS certificates.

As our standarts models are the favorite models in both domestic and international fairs, with the proffesional staff we present original drawings and projects according to our customers desire in custom building.